EMMPOL analog astronauts Podcast 
| New episode! 

We strongly believe that podcasts are extraordinary tools for effectively  introducing the public to our project, the people who are running it, and the collaborators in our network. That is why EuroSpaceHub releases a special episode each month, hosted in rotation by each project partner. Last month you were able to enjoy the podcast "A life-time Career in Space," hosted by Jara Pascual with guest Prof Bernard Foing. This month, instead, the protagonists are analog astronauts from EMMPOL missions! During the episode, Serena Crotti of Lunex interviewed Philippe Frering, Aerospace engineer (IPSA), Kiran Gautam, molecular biology (VUB), Sarah Solbiati, Biomedical engineer (Politecnico di Milano) and Brent Reymen, Psychology Space studies (KULeuven). During the episode, students shared their stories of life aboard a lunar base simulator at the Analog Astronaut Training Center facility in Poland. Curious to discover about life as an analog astronaut? Check out EuroSpaceHub's blog!

Podcast Episode with EMMPOL students - Available here 
Becoming an analog astronaut: a new “field” approach to increasing students’ skills - Available here  

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