EU grant to LUNEX EuroMoonMars 

Participants to ISU SSP Oeiras Portugal. ©ISU

EuroSpaceHub partners representatives (Bernard Lunex EMM, Lina Vilnius, Jara Collabwith, Nicolas ISU, Juan-Carlos U Complutense Madrid) at Barcelona Kick-off event @B. Foing

We had confirmation for a EuroSpaceHub grant to LUNEX EuroMoonMars! We will have funding for training some  young professional towards entrepreneurship. Please contact Bernard Foing if interested for a half time position, already starting in september-december, and possible follow up in 2023, in various areas (assistant EMMESI EuroSpaceHub project coordinator, EMMESI EuroSpaceHub conference organiser, coordinator for field campaign, technology transfer and entrepreneurship, assistant director for operations HISEAS and EMM campaigns, EMMESI EuroSpaceHub outreach, media production and communication, research collaboration with Latvia U, EMMESI EuroSpaceHub database manager). 








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