This is a special invitation to join our EuroSpaceHub Forum in Ibiza, Spain! 

A three-day festival, May 3-5, to experience Space and Aviation in an innovative way, with technical panels and out-of-the-box activities.

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The EuroSpaceHub consortium is proud to announce the first edition of the EuroSpaceHub Forum Ibiza, a unique event organized by the partners this spring, May 3-5, on the beautiful Mediterranean island. Throughout the three-day event there will be technical panels, featuring experts from the Space and Aviation industry, as well as innovative networking moments designed to experience Space in a different way than usual. The forum will take place in a hybrid format, with the audience on-site at the venue in Can Ventosa, Ibiza, and attendees connected remotely.


What to expect from EuroSpaceHub Forum 2023? 

EuroSpaceHub Ibiza Forum 2023 is a place to connect with Space experts, creatives, innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry specialists with talks, informal conversations, interactive debates, masterclasses, and co-creation and collaboration sessions. The overall goal is to improve innovation within the Space and Aviation ecosystem by facilitating the establishment of collaborative dynamics. Central to this edition of the forum was the partners' intention to facilitate the development of collaborations between Academia - Industry - Startups - Governments. For this reason, the panel program will cover various topics, with guests from these different backgrounds. The Consortium's intent is to bring dynamic conversations on the stage in Ibiza, offering the audience the perspective of different stakeholders and strategic interlocutors in the aerospace sector today.

The Forum — through a multidisciplinary approach and a dynamic format — wants to engage the audience's curiosity to show the research of Space at 360 degrees, ranging from the fields of Technology and Science, but also with a glimpse of current research in Psychology, Space architecture and Space Humanities, including Space Art and Space Music. The program with the panels, of talks and speakers is available on the official website in the section dedicated to Ibiza Forum.


To enter the Conference, visitors must purchase their own tickets, both for in person and for virtual participation. An early-bird discount on all tickets is currently available for those who register in advance. Students and press can access the conference for free. Tickets prices include access to the full 3-day conference and side events organized by EuroSpaceHub.

EuroSpaceHub Ibiza Forum 2023: Space Art Contest - Second Edition - Open call for submissions!

The contest is organized by the EuroSpaceHub Consortium and is open to all artists and creative minds, regardless of age or nationality. This edition, in particular, is dedicated to Space Music. The choice of this topic is to create a link with the EuroSpaceHub Forum Ibiza 2023 Forum, where Space Music will play an important role, with dedicated panels and artists.

For this edition of the contest, each participant is asked to produce a digital artwork inspired by the retro imagery of Space Music. The selected graphic designs will be used on the EuroSpaceHub digital platform login page and on EuroSpaceHub brand merchandise (t-shirts/sweatshirts), which will be sold on our official shop. Revenue from the sales of these items will be used to partially fund the training of students and their participation in missions as analog astronauts. Each garment will be sold at the price of 300,00€ on EuroSpaceHub website and the revenue from the sale of each t-shirt will be equally divided among the artists (€100,00), the student training (€100,00) and EuroSpaceHub consortium (€100,00 for management and production costs).

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EuroSpaceHub Ibiza Forum 2023: Space Jam music session, panel and Music Contest


On the occasion of the EurospaceHub Ibiza 2023 Forum and as part of the “Music & Space” conference, a historic performance by Leonardo the Space Pianist and DJ Pippi will take place in Kumharas, on May 4th evening at 18.30h CET. Two international stars of the field will combine their talents to soundtrack the magical Ibizan sunset, which is so meaningful and so closely connected to human nature and space. Within this extraordinary jam there will be two moments related to international musical talent, on the one hand, and local, on the other. To open and close Pippi & Leonardo’s set (which will start at h 8 p.m.) EurospaceHub and DIPEF have organized two contests. One of the goals of the organization is to engage the global community of music producers to highlight the power and beauty of the music that serves as the soundtrack to the Ibizan sunset. A magical moment that propels us into space and infinity. Read on to find out more about the details of the two contests!


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EuroSpaceHub and DIPEF (Ibiza DJ’s Association) are looking for an original composition inspired by Space. The winning composition will open a very special sunset session by DJ Pippi and Leonardo The Space Pianist on May 4th after the panel “Music & Space”, in the framework of EuroSpaceHub Ibiza Forum 2023. The “Space Music 4 Sunset” contest is open to all individuals who have an original composition inspired by Space. The composition must be between 3 and 5 minutes in length.

EuroSpaceHub and DIPEF (Ibiza DJ’s Association) are looking for an original composition inspired by Space The winning composition will be played at the exact moment when the sun touches the horizon and will close a very special sunset session, with DJ Pippi and Leonardo The Space Pianist, on May 4th after the “Music & Space” panel. The 3’20”Space contest is open to all individuals who are members of DIPEF.
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