Highlights from this month
 | B. Foing

Brussels, 24-25 Jan

We were in Brussels, at Egmont Palace, for Space Conference and EU evening reception; on 24 Jan 18h at European Parliament with EuroSpacehub colleagues EU Commissioner on Innovation Maria Gabriel.

Lausanne, 1 - 2 Feb

At EPFL Lausanne for space design students final presentations (Bernard Foing): remarkable end presentations. Four EPFL ESHA students among those with selected abstracts plan to join Bernard Foing and Serena Crotti to LPSC. There was also an amazing expo Cosmic Archeology mentioned some of our campaigns.

Geneva, 30 Jan - 3 Feb

At UN Geneva, OEWG Space Threats. We could attend with Dane, Ava and Charlotte. We networked with space diplomats and discussed follow-up work. 

What's next?

On 30 Jan we had good progress on EMMPOL14 and 15 campaigns organisation. We shall have many IAF committees on 28-29 March (scheduling to be done in next weeks). Make effort to attend in presence, or at least remote. If you want to join as observer any committee, send request to IAF secretariat (copy to Bernard Foing), you can list Space Renaissance (IAF member) for affiliation. More info: here

Congratulations to EuroMoonMars EuroSpaceHub Academy for accepted abstracts at LPSC !


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