News from March | IAF Spring Meetings 2023, Paris

EuroSpaceHub Crew (VilniusTech, Collabwith, Lunex EuroMoonMars partners) introducing EuroSpaceHub to Giorgio Vincenzo, Vice President Institutional Marketing and Sales at Thales Alenia Space

A great start for the new Space season! EuroMoonMars, EuroSpaceHub and partners were in Paris for the IAF Spring Meetings 2023. Our crew enthusiastically participated in this annual appointment, which is organized by the International Astronautical Federation in Paris.  We had three special days with the Space Community, collaborating with technical committees and taking part in several plenary moments to plan the next appointments, including the next IAC in Baku (2023) and in Milan (2024). 


The IAF Spring Meetings took place in Paris at the New Cap Conference Center from 28th to 30th March. The first day of the conference kicked off in a special way with a collective moment in the name of diversity: the IDEA “3G” Diversity Breakfast. Indeed, this edition of the Spring Meetings 2023 embraced the values of inclusion, diversity and equity and gives much space for sharing ideas and ongoing efforts in this direction. Numerous committees were engaged in the work, such as the Global Workforce Development Subcommittee, Committee on Integrated Application, Space Habitats Committee, Finance Committee, Workforce Development-Young Professionals Programme Committee, Committee for Liaison with International Organisations and Developing Nations, Advisory Committee on History Activities, Space Systems Committee, Space Economy Committee, Space Life Sciences Committee, Committee on Space Security, Commercial Spaceflight Safety Committee, Earth Observations Committee and GEOSS Subcommittee, Space Power Committee, Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS), Industry Relations Committee (IRC), Committee on Planetary Defense and NEOs, Student Activities Subcommittee, Space Astronomy Technical Committee. Our EuroSpaceHub team attended several meetings during the days, both to get updates and also to promote our initiative to our international colleagues and experts sitting on the various committees. We took the opportunity to promote an initiative close to our hearts, the Ibiza Space Forum 2023, which EuroSpaceHub is organizing. 

ITACCUS Committee at work

Presenting EuroSpaceHub and the Ibiza Forum at ITACCUS

Jara Pascual (Collabwith) and Bernard Foing (Lunex) gifting Dominique Tilmans (Honorary Senator in Belgium) and  Joerg Kreisel (CEO of JKIC)

ilma Purienè, Lina Peciure (VilniusTech) and Jara Pascual (Collabwith) gifting IAF President Clay Mowry with our EuroSpaceHub branded t-shirts

Prof Foing received the “Distinguished Service Award” from IAF

Prof Bernard Foing, CEO of Lunex EuroMoonMars, chaired the ITACCUS committee (Committee for the Cultural Utilisation Of Space), which brings together under its umbrella artists, creatives and innovators. We took the opportunity of such an inspiring audience to involve some of them in our Ibiza Space Festival 2023 and you will get to meet some of them among the speakers on the panel dedicated to Space Humanities!

The conference ended with a special moment, on the last day of the conference, for our EuroMoonMars Community. Indeed, our CEO Prof Foing was presented with a special award, the "Distinguished Service Award", in recognition of his many years of service and contributions to the Space Community. Congratulations Prof Foing! We are happy to have been able to celebrate with you!


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