Felix von Horstig

Gates Cambridge PhD student in Quantum Computing, Funded by the Gates Cambridge Foundation.
During my PhD I work in close collaboration with Startup Quantum Motion to enable the use of current silicon chips fabricated in large scale silicon foundries as quantum computing units.
To this end I design and fabricate RF circuitry, create concept for our integrated circuit team and characterise devices at room and cryogenic temperatures.


Ongoing: PhD in Physics and Materials Sciences at the University of Cambridge, since 2020
MRes in nanoscience, University of Cambridge, 2019-20
MSci in Natural Sciences (Physics and Materials Chemistry)
University College London, 2015-19


Space, the final frontier, poses one of the most exciting and challenging opportunities to humanity and our generation is in a unique position to explore the solar system like never before!
The day the first person settles onto the Moon or even Mars will be this century’s equivalent of Niel Armstrong taking “one giant leap for mankind” and will inspire a new generation of scientists, leaders and engineers. It will truly start the era of space exploration by making us a multi-planetary civilisation. I can think of no greater life goal of getting us there!


Scientific research in quantum physics, materials science, electrical engineering, biophysics, electrochemistry and photocatalysis
Research internships at University College London and Seoul National University
Engineering internship at Continental prototyping lab in Hanover, Germany
Tutoring school and university students ranging from GCSE to undergraduate level

Secondary school teacher in Guyana
Ex-president of UCL Handball club


Address : Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Email :  aojohn928@gmail.com