"We hope to construct research programmes to demonstrate the results of applied research and assess its practical feasibility."


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2022 in Space | A review by our Rocket Engineer, Rok Kete


EuroSpaceHub | Latest updates

 HI-SEAS 2023 | We're off to a great start!

 EMMPOL Missions 2023 | Ready to start! 

­ Moon Gallery, welcome back! 
11th January

­Highlights from this month | B. Foing

­EuroSpaceHub at NSE European Expoforum in Rome 
1-3 December 

Astroland Campaign in Santander | Mission success! 
18th-23rd November

EuroSpaceHub Progress Meeting 
Leiden, 8th-9th November

Mauna Loa eruption in Hawaii | Latest updates on HI-SEAS Base

New EMMPOL Missions 2023 | Coming soon!

Observations in La Palma | Follow-up to October activities

Partial Solar Eclipse Europe
25 October  2022

La Palma Observatory 
12-13 October 2022

October News

Paris 2022, 23 Sept 

IAC, Space for @ll
Paris 2022, 18-22 September

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 We focuses on 5 space exploration and related strategic research and development application areas. One of our distinguishing features is that we employ all of our services to each of these strategic areas. 



Address : Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Email :  aojohn928@gmail.com