Astroland, here we come!
Santander, 18-23 Nov

It's official! Serena Crotti, LUNEX EuroMoonMars Press Officer and member of our community, will participate in the upcoming analog campaign organized by Astroland in Spain! Astroland is a private aerospace company based in Cantabria. The company  has set up its human habitat analog system, which is called Ares Station, inside a cave in Arredondo. There, a number of experiments and simulations is carried out in a realistic Mars analog environment. Studies include testing of technologies and skills focused on Mars habitats, psychology and survival in the isolation of human beings and their resilience in hostile conditions. During her mission, Serena will conduct a number of psychological tests developed by Celia Avila Rauch, Psychologist and member of the EuroMoonMars Community. EuroMoonMars involvement in this mission started thanks to Phd Gabriel De La Torre - Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Cadiz - who will be funding the research stay. Also, our analog astronaut Serena will receive contribution from LUNEX EMM Eurospacehub. Stay tuned soon to hear developments on the mission! Curious to know more about Astroland and the Ares base? Take a look at the website!­

Ares Station built by Astroland in Cantabria to perform Mars analog missions


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