Paris 2022, 23 Sept

While in Paris for IAC, EuroMoonMars team also had the chance to join another interesting event: the 5th Space Architecture Symposium. This event was organised by  the Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) in cooperation with RST Arches at CNOA, Tour Montparnasse. During the day we had the opportunity to meet the Space Architecture community, to do some networking and to learn more about  the next steps for Space architecture. It was fascinating to discuss technical topics with leading experts in this discipline. The young architects in the audience also had the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities for those who want to pursue education in this unique and out-of-the ordinary design field. Interested in finding out about the community of architects who organized this event? Take a look here!

Group shot of all Symposium participants in Montparnasse Tour

Space Architecture Symposium meeting

Beautiful view of Paris from floor 47 of the Tour de Montparnasse, where SAS took place







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