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Name : Bernard Foing                                                                                               

Affiliation:EuroMoonMars ESA, Netherlands                                                           

Major in: space, astrochemistry, astrobiology,Moon, Mars

Prof. Foing is executive director of ILEWG since 2000, EuroMoonMars & ArtMoonMars manager, a professor at VU Amsterdam, the Leiden Observatory, ISU and EPFL,  I have been chief scientist at the European Space Agency (ESA), chair of the ESTEC staff association committee (2012-2017) & SMART-1 lead scientist., and previously worked at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), I am chair of IAF ITACCUS, a member of various IAF committees (TAC, GLEX IPC, space exploration, astronomy, space habitats, traffic management). I worked at ESA ESTEC (1989-2020) as a senior scientist, advisor to DG, chief scientist, Head of Research Division, study lead (SIMURIS, MORO lunar orbiter, EuroMoon lander), staff and visiting scientist fellow. I have been a co-investigator in the projects SOHO, XMM, BIOPAN, SMART-1, Mars Express, COROT, ISS/Expose and ExoMars.  

Name : Carole Tafforin

Positional titles: Managing Director at Ethospace,

Affiliation: Ethospace, France

Major in :  Ethology,Behavioral Analysis, Space Environment, Space Exploration

Carole Tafforin opened the innovative field of Space Ethology research 30 years ago. She applied this Science of Behavior in a large panel of real flights, simulations and analogs. In Life Sciences, the method is an objective approach based on observation, description and quantification of the spontaneous motor activity. Her principal investigations started with US data then were conducted in Europe, China and Russia, in Arctic and Antarctic for a better knowledge of human adaptation as a whole.

Name : Shannon Rupert                                                                               

Positional titles: Director of MDRS                                                           

Affiliation: MDRS, USA                                                                                           

Major in :  Mars, space,astrochemistry, astrobiology

Shannon Rupert is an ecologist with two decades of experience in Mars Analog studies. Formerly a professor of biology and environmental science, she is currently director at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah. She is an expert in planetary mission simulations and field exploration.

Name : Agata Kołodziejczyk                                                                               

Positional titles :Director of Analog Astronaut Training Center 

Affiliation : Analog Astronaut Training Center, Poland                                      

Major in :Neurobiology, Astrobiology, Biology in space, Space analogue missions

Neuroscientist, astrobiologist, innovator. Both her master thesis at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, as well as doctoral thesis at Stockholm University were about the influence of light on signal transformation in neurochemical circuits of nervous systems in various animal species. She discovered an internal eyelid of insect’s compound eye, and presented this discovery in the Concurrent Design Facility at European Space Agency to revolutionize constructions of future modular space telescopes. After her PhD, she worked as a postdoc on neurobiological mechanisms of aggression at Jagiellonian University, then got a position in biomimetics at the European Space Agency in Advanced Concepts Team. She developed a prototype of lighting system to synchronize biological clocks and non-invasive treatment of jet lags. Working abroad, she developed several projects in Poland, such as organization of cyclic international “Meet the Space” conferences, establishing the first Analogue Space Research Station in Europe called Lunares or organisation of several lunar and martian analogue simulations with specific scientific projects on-board. Her particular interest is time architecture, especially time illusions in isolated areas. Additionally, Agata works on photosynthetic biomaterials and aquaponic systems to initiate reliable and sustainable terraforming processes in isolated spaces. Recently, together with collaborators, she developed a new method for in situ clothes production in space. The winner of multiple prizes, such as a double winner of the best scientific experiment in the Global Space Balloon Challenge for detecting stress in biological organisms in the stratosphere, scientific Rojszczak Award, a Golden medal for the initiative of creating the first habitat in Poland and even a public distinction such as “One of the most powerful woman in Poland”. She was a co-founder of Space Garden Company (www.space.garden) and Chairman of Lunares Scientific Council. Agata is a Board Member of World Research Centre and Director of Advanced Concepts at private space agency The Valles Marineris (http://thevallesmarineris.com/). Actually, she develops acceleration of human spaceflight research in the world.








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