HI-SEAS 2023 | We're off to a great start! 

@HI-SEAS, M. Musilova

We are happy to announce the upcoming mission at the HI-SEAS base: mission EMMIHS 2023!

The crew will consist of: Henk Rogers, who will be the commander of the mission; the chief scientist: Bernard Foing; Kato Claeys, who will be the executive officer; the communication officer: Serena Crotti and Brent Reymen, as publication manager, Celia Avila Rauch, as mission psychologist. Brent, Serena and Kato, all participated in one of the previous EMMPOL missions. Brent was the commander of EMMPOL 8, assisted by Serena as vice-commander, Kato was the vice-commander of EMMPOL 10.


This mission will focus on exploring the new lava flows, lava tubes and the lava terrain after the recent eruptions of Mauna Loa. There are 2 EVA’s planned every day. The aim is to map the area and get familiar with the environment and study the geology. Some psychological experiments will be done as well. The crew will enter the habitat on March 3rd. After a mission of 4 days, they will leave the base on March 7th.


For Kato Claeys it will be important to get familiar with all the different roles in and outside the habitat. She will stay in Hawaii and help with the upcoming missions. She will be representing Lunex and EuroSpaceHub academy at the HI-SEAS base. Her role is managing the crew operations during the next missions. A first try out period of three months is planned, with the aim of going back for a longer period. Her background in architecture and engineering could help as well for possible small renovation works at the habitat.


IMA HI-SEAS is planning several missions in the following months! There is an open call for new analog astronauts. Experience in another space analog such as EMMPOL is an asset, as well as relevant field work. Financial grant support can be provided by Lunex, EuroMoonMars and EuroSpaceHub academy.

People who are interested in joining a mission at the HI-SEAS habitat can follow the application procedure:



Address : Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Email :  aojohn928@gmail.com