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Participants to ISU SSP Oeiras Portugal. ©ISU
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Interested in joining our community and supporting the CHILL-ICE mission?  Consider doing so by making a purchase at our merchandise store, updated with merch for CHILL-ICE II, taking place in August!  From apparel to accessories, we’ve got plenty of options for you to flaunt your support for CHILL-ICE II. All proceeds go towards mission supplies and technology development for future missions. If you’d like to support us in other ways, you can do so by contributing to our fundraisers for future missions and tech and we'll send you a CHILL-ICE enamel pin to show our gratitude! 
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Analog astronaut crew 

Introducing the CHILL-ICE Analog Astronauts Class of 2022! This year, the CHILL-ICE mission received Analog Astronaut applications from all over the world across a wide range of professions and age groups. We are happy to have piqued the interest of so many talented individuals! The astronaut candidates underwent a rigorous selection process with a highly qualified jury, and were chosen after a deep deliberation of their skills, experience, and team dynamics.

The core and backup crews each consist of 3 members – the mission commander/scientist, the engineer, and the medic, each with critical roles to play.

CHILL-ICE Mission Prep In Full Swing! 

As we get closer to the start of the mission, the CHILL-ICE organising team has been busy packing supplies for shipment to the mission site, improving the habitat to suit mission needs, ensuring we have everything need for our experiments (stay tuned on social media for more info!), and booking flight tickets to Iceland

The mission is set to begin on the 22nd of August in the Stefanshellir lava tubes of Iceland and will last a week.

Check out our Spotify playlist! 

To set the tone for our mission and give you a glimpse of the analog astronaut experience and community, our Head of Outreach, Jesse Forte, has created a Spotify playlist that you can now access here! Join our Discord community to make your own playlist suggestions as well as engage with over a 100 space enthusiasts and receive real-time updates during our mission.













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