VULCANO SUMMER SCHOOL 2022  Students' voice 

Participants to ISU SSP Oeiras Portugal. ©ISU

By Luke Byrne

The Vulcano summer school was overall a superb learning opportunity. Students and professors from many different fields were present. From geophysics and geology to lunar rover works and chemistry even reaching all the way up to the stars with some astronomical observing nights. There was something for everyone.  Our daily activities typically consisted of a meeting at 8am where what you would be doing, according to the project you were working on, was decided. Everyone was given the freedom to choose what they would like to do when possible. Some of the activities I was involved in include spectral induced polarisation, mapping 3-D models of the volcano and its active sites using drones and test-driving rovers on the rough surfaces of the volcano which mimic that of extra-terrestrial planets like The Moon and Mars. This work would be carried out until about 12:30pm when we would have lunch and a lecture from someone at 1pm. After this you would do more such work or spend the day analysing the data you collected.  Group activities were often organized in the evening such as stargazing or meals.







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