COSPAR 2022 
News from Athens

In July (16th-24th) we attended COSPAR Athens, organizing and chairing some sessions and committees (planetary SCB and exploration panel PEX). Bernard Foing acted as chair of COSPAR B Planetary Commission coordinating various sessions, and business committee. He chaired the lunar sessions, that included various presentations from agencies, research, engineering and analogues. He attended the COSPAR council accordingly. Prof Pascale Ehrenfreund was elected COSPAR president Committee on Space Research (COSPAR). Next COSPAR will be in Busan Korea on 13-21 July 2024, and the council voted for Firenze for COSPAR in 2026. We look forward to the next COSPAR!  Meanwhile, if you are curious to know more about COSPAR Athens 2022, here are some shots from our days in Athens! For extra info, have a look here!

Participants to ISU SSP Oeiras Portugal. ©ISU

Discussing collaborations after Sarah Baatout nice talk in special Latest results session ©B. Foing

Panelists at end of COSPAR lunar session chaired by Bernard Foing @B. Foing








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