Alumni conference, “Moon Habitat Outpost” Workshop & follow-up 

Participants to ISU SSP Oeiras Portugal. ©ISU

Participants to ISU SSP Oeiras Portugal. ©ISU

During July and August, we were involved in various activities and events at ISU, International Space University. ISU is a great place to network, meet space enthusiasts and experts, make new contacts and collaborations. In particular, we participated to ISU Alumni conference on 30th July, and to ISU SSP workshops on 2nd August, including our “Moon Outpost 2028”. We received high interest from ISU SSP participants to collaborate with EMMESI, EuroSpaceHub and to join EMM analogue campaigns in Poland, in Hawaii and elsewhere. . We got a strong interest of ISU students for EMMESI projects, with 13 candidates for EMMPOL12-13 in October.  There will be a final presentation of Team Projects and closing ISU SSP ceremony on 25th-26th August.

Moon Habitat Outpost 2028 -  Workshop

Evening talk by Pete Worden, chairman of Breakthrough Initiative and former NASA Ames center director ©B. Foing

The workshop entitled “Moon Habitat Outpost 2028” took place on 2nd August thanks to the work of Bernard Foing. Joining him in conducting the activity with the students were other collaborators from our network, in particular: Jara Pascual, Ignacio Bustamante and Serena Crotti. The workshop took place in hybrid mode, partly in Portugal, where Bernard was located, and partly via Zoom connection. The workshop was included in the summer programme of the International Space University (SSP22) and was a valuable moment to exchange ideas, visions and innovative solutions for a future habitat on the Moon.

The first phase of the meeting consisted of a series of lectures given by the mentors. Bernard Foing gave the students an overview of the state of the art of human space exploration and the steps forward over the past decades. Serena Crotti, instead, gave a presentation on the design of Space Habitats and the design of Earth analogues, comparing their characteristics and requirements. Ignacio Bustamante illustrated the objective of our ALOHA programme, which sees EuroMoonMars engaged in the design and organisation of future Earth analogue missions in different European locations. Finally, Jara Pascual gave the students interesting insights into the concepts of innovation and creativity, providing them with some tools to tackle the subsequent brainstorming phase.

In the second half of the afternoon, instead, the students played themselves! They were divided into three groups to brainstorm their idea of a future lunar outpost. Each of the teams came up with original ideas and the results of the sessions were very different: the first team focused on the design of a fully automated habitat to be populated by future robots; the second team explored the topic of food and came up with a solution for growing specific vegetables on the Moon; finally, the third team suggested an out-of-the-box idea, thinking about how to turn human waste into potential food in a future lunar habitat.

What can we say: we are very happy with the workshop activity and the creative ideas that came out of it! We thank the students of the International Space University for their enthusiasm and participation!

Participants to ISU SSP EMM workshop on "Moon Outpost 2028 " ©B. Foing







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