­EuroMoonMars Earth Space Innovation and EuroSpaceHub consortium highlights 
Prof. B. Foing

Last November has been a superactive month for EuroMoonMars Earth Space Innovation and our EuroSpaceHub consortium:


  • 1-2 November, B. Foing participated to UN Geneva Space Security Conference, starting EMM ESH collaborations
  • Leiden students started Master research in EMM/ESH academy: Stijn Vleugels (Landing sites for Mars rovers ) and Okta Swida (pancam simulation for Mars rovers and analogues). Sirine Asfour (Geneva, bachelor) started 1 Nov in EuroSpaceHub academy ESHA as research student half-time on “New Space diplomacy and Moon Village”).
  • Rosa Hoogenboom (DIB spectroscopy, Leiden/La Palma/EMM), Anouk Ehreiser (astrobiology, Heidelberg/Berlin/EMM) in October, and Daphne Abbink (Leiden, interstellar C60 hydrogenation and ionization) on 30 November, submitted their Master Research thesis co_supervised by B.H.Foing. Congratulations to them!
  • 2-10 Nov Kick off of IP individual projects by ISU EuroSpaceHub Academy master research students (Nov-March 2023): Maria Francesca (growing plants in MoonMars soils), Mirella (MoonMars habitats and astronautics), Silvia (mechanical modelling of landers), Manav (remote sensing and AI for monitoring CityLife), Benjamin (new space economy) .
  • 5-9 Nov MoonVillage workshop/NSS Space Devt conft in Los Angeles. BF gave remote talk on EMM, SRI, ESH
  • 8-9 Nov, EuroSpaceHub 3rd Progress meeting: Leiden Huygens observatory 8 nov, Leiden old obs 9 Nov am, ESTEC 9 nov pm (BF, Jara collabwith, Serena, Brent, + partners Vilnius Vilma, Margarita, ISU W. Peeters, Madrid Ana I Gomez, JC): good advances in EuroSpaceHub organization, reports, decisions, funding, external collaborations







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