October News

As we have already announced in previous issues of our newsletter, LUNEX EuroMoonMars is among the founding partners of the European project EuroSpaceHub together with Collabwith Group, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, International Space University, Complutense University of Madrid and Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The goal of this project is to digitally connect industries, research centres and universities in the European Space ecosystem. The project's dissemination plan includes monthly podcasts on the topics of innovation, space, youth entrepreneurship, and collaboration. We are happy to share the first episode of this podcast series with you. Here, Jara Pascual (CEO of Collabwith) interviewed Bernard Foing about his experience and career in the Space Sector. Stay tuned for the next episode which will be released in November. Enjoy the podcast here!

Each partner brings to the EuroSpaceHub project its own contribution through its own distinctive expertise. Each of the partners is actively engaged in the dissemination of the project. As LUNEX EuroMoonMars, we have participated in numerous events and seminars in the field, including IAC in Paris and the recent Switch To Space event in Brussels, to name but two. Last October 22nd, Collabwith hosted a very interesting event to talk about Innovation Ecosystems in Munich, at the Museum Brandhorst. The main focus of Kaffee Kuchen was to answer this question: how to bring research, startups and industry together? Click here to know more!

First episode of EuroSpaceHub podcast was released in October

Kaffee Kuchen in Munich organized by Collabwith last 22nd Oct


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