EMMPOL Missions 2023 | Ready to start! 

We are less than three weeks away from our new EMMPOL campaign cycle!  The EMMPOL 14 and 15 crews are now officially in pre-training, organized by the Analog Astronaut Training Center.

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EMMPOL14 will enter the habitat on the 18th of February and stay there for 7 full days. This will be a very international crew; Mirella Gil-Natividad (Spain), Solène Wurtz-Pra (France), Jacinda Cottee (Australia), Sirine Asfour (France), Sean Molony (Ireland), and Danniel Osoianu (Ireland) are all preparing for their mission as we speak. A very special aspect about the EMMPOL 14 and 15 missions is that, like on the ISS, some of our analog astronauts will stay in the habitat for both missions and others will be replaced. Danniel and Sean will stay in the habitat for 17 days and be part of both EMMPOL 14 and 15. The others will be replaced by Nicolas Barker (The Netherlands & USA), Ava Hutchison (USA), and Cian Hayes (Ireland), which will mark the official start of EMMPOL15.


People that are interested in participating in a mission themselves can contact Brent Reymen and Bernard Foing at brent.euromoonmars@gmail.com. There are still spots available for the EMMPOL16 and 17 missions 10-20th March and 29th april - 9th May respectively!



Address : Keplerlaan 1, 2201 AZ Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Email :  aojohn928@gmail.com