Iñigo Muñoz

Short key CV:

Space consultant and lead advisor for analog (subsurface) mission concept definition and operations at Astroland Interplanetary Agency, with a long experience in Mars analog missions, space operations and crew training. He was responsible for the mission planning and daily activities for the crew during Astroland’s first EtE mission APOLLO.

He studied economics at the DHBW in Karlsruhe, aerospace engineering at the UPM in Madrid, and later he got his MSc in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the Valencian International University. Linked to operations, both aerial and space-related, through most of his career, i.e. as Operation Engineer at E-USOC in Madrid or as an Astronaut Instructor at the European Astronaut Center (ESA EAC) in Cologne. Previously he worked as Aerial Survey Project Manager and Airworthiness Manager at HIFSA in Madrid and for HE Space Operations serving as Galileo Mission Operations Preparation Engineer at the Galileo Control Centre in Germany. Currently, he is the Training Manager at the same GCC. He is fluent in Spanish, German, English and speaks Italian. He is a certified skydiver, paraglider pilot, and diver.


Astroland Interplanetary Agency.Missions.pdf.