Marc Heemskerk


Major in :Exogeologist | Event Organizer | Teacher | Inspirator | Co-Founder ICEE.Space                                                                 

Short key CV :                                                                        

After finishing an elaborate BSc. in the Earth Sciences at the VU in Amsterdam, I am now specializing in exogeology and ISRU on the Moon and Mars.
Last year, I was the student coordinator for the VU Amsterdam in the pilot group of IGLUNA, which gave me the great opportunity to work closely together with the European Space Agency in constructing Moon-Mars simulation habitats. As a continuation, I have established the CHILL-ICE campaign, whose goal it is to construct an analogue habitat inside a lava tube on Iceland.
I am greatly interested in expanding the role of geoscientists in space, by amplifying ISRU research in the structural, chemical, and rheological aspects of planetary bodies in our solar system.
My goal is to venture beyond the comfort zone of our beautiful planet and to better the inclusiveness, collaboration, and diversity of human space exploration.