Manuel Leira

Short key CV:

CCO (Chief Communications Officer), Lead CAPCOM, and Flight Control Team responsible at Astroland Interplanetary Agency, is a key factor in the coordination and execution of the missions by interfacing directly with the crew. His dual education in technical fields (quarrying and civil engineering), but also in soft fields like education and training makes him a perfect match for a communications role in a critical and hazardous environment where precision and efficiency are key.

Being fully accredited as Cambridge English Trainer for non-native English speakers he is used to working in English with people from all over the world, highlighting his ease of quickly understanding different accents.

His communicative approach is based on people skills and emotional closeness and his positive attitude when working under pressure is driven by motivation. He empathizes with the crew before, during, and after the mission to make the most of their efforts which is always well-regarded for this post.


Astroland Interplanetary Agency.Missions.pdf.