Xinyu He

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Research assistant of FISH4MOONMARS; Zhejiang A&F University ,China

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Lanscape Design | HCI

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Research assistant of FISH4MOONMARS                                                                          

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I graduated from Zhejiang A &F university. When I was in college, I actively participated in some landscape design competitions in China and started to be concerned about environmental issues and the preservation of cultural heritage.
Telling a story and how to create experiential feelings are two of my interests in art. I find inspiration in the Chinese Classical Garden, which is essentially an artificial nature but not a complete imitation of it. And its pursuit of the skill, the way how it creates the experience, called the “Tao of nature.” which means although it is made by man, it is just like the way of itself. All of these fascinated me.
As I gradually learned about the technology of HCI and the extreme environment of space, I realized that people's psychological needs required new ways to be met. That gave me a huge desire to learn new areas and try combining knowledge from different fields to solve problems.





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