Yukun Lou

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E-mail: levilyk@gmail.com                                                                

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Research assistant of FISH4MOONMARS | Sichuan University, China

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Research assistant of FISH4MOONMARS                              

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I am an architecture student from the School of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan University. I have a good command of architectural knowledge and I am interested in human-computer interaction. 
As there’s totally different living conditions in the outer space, the standards for a livable space are also different. So I want to explore the possibilities that human-computer interaction will bring to new forms of human space habitats.
I’m obsessed with transportation especially cars, hence I’d be very interested in joining researches on space transportation and the application of HCI in vehicles. For example, the AR-HUD and lunar rover are my two fields of concern.
Besides,I’m very fond of pets, and I’ve been paying attention to problems that pets and their owners are facing.I believe pet interaction design will make a difference and I’m trying to find a proper way to take use of it.




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